Hummingbird Meadows Phase 1A - Scheme Intake

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Application Results - Hummingbird Meadows

The National Housing Trust invites qualified contributors to apply for 48 detached one-bedroom units at Hummingbird Meadows, Phase 1A, Bird’s Hill, Clarendon. Hummingbird Meadows is surrounded by the lush mounds of the Longville Mountain. Just 11km from May Pen town centre, the development is ideally situated, offering easy access to urban amenities and the natural beauty and fresh air of the countryside. It features attractively designed units, open-concept living and dining areas with modern finishes and ample backyard space.



UNIT COSTS: $9M - $12.5M

UNIT SIZE: 40 sq.m. (434 sq.ft.)

LOT SIZES: 465 sq.m. (5,000 sq.ft) – 697 sq.m. (7,500 sq.ft)




Apply online at between Tuesday, November 8 and Thursday, November 10, 2022.

Please note: Web portal opens at 8am on November 8 and closes at 8pm on November 10, 2022.


The NHT will reserve a number of the solutions for Public Sector Workers and Persons with Disabilities, through their respective associations.


For more information, please view the Hummingbird Meadows Phase 1A Booklet below or call toll-free: 888-CALL-NHT (888-225-5648)