How are payments made?

Voluntary Contributions

As a Voluntary Contributor you should make payments of contributions on a monthly basis. 

Other Contributors

Payments are to commence upon registration and contributors who are assessed for periods worked in Jamaica prior to going overseas are liable for these outstanding amounts inclusive of interest thereon.  Voluntary Contributors will however, not be charged interest on contribution principal arrears, i.e. contributions due since registration, but not yet paid.

Your declared income should be stated in the currency in which it is earned and likewise for your monthly contribution payments.  Each payment must be submitted in cheque or cash and accompanied by a Deposit Voucher, or you can pay online via credit card.

If you are an overseas Contributor, you can have someone make the payments on your behalf. However, if you are requesting that the NHT share information with your bearer, He or she must submit a letter of authorization signed, stamped and dated by a Notary Public or Justice of the Peace (J.P.). Overseas Contributors may also pay online via credit card or make arrangements to pay by standing order arrangements with their banks.

All Payments are due within fourteen (14) days after the end of each month.

Please note that as a contributor you MUST inform us of any change in your employment status as soon as possible.

If you are an NHT Mortgagor, any contribution arrears payments will be deducted from your mortgage payments as per the mortgage deed.

Some of our locations are Service Centres and do not accept cash (only debit or credit cards).  Please check our Branch Listings to determine where our Service Centres are.

If you have never contributed to the NHT, your waiting time to access a benefit upon registering with the NHT is 2 years. It is not a requirement for you to pay up the first year in a lump sum payment but you can if you so desire, however you must wait the 2 years before making your application for a housing benefit. 

If you are a previous contributor, you are only required to pay for 1 year to become eligible to apply for a loan and you can pay up the year in a lump sum payment, but you must wait the 1 year before making your application for a housing benefit.