Have a loan?

Having received an NHT loan you are now closer to fully owning or improving your home.

There are different tenures (loan periods) for different loan products, but generally speaking, our loans allow you up to 40 years to repay.  Your NHT Loans Officer will advise you of the start date for the repayment of your loan upon the signing of your loan agreement.  You should ensure that you read the loan documents carefully and have one of our officers clarify any portion that you do not fully understand.

To keep you informed of your loan balance, we provide you with an annual loan statement, which details your mortgage payments over a specific period.  When you receive this statement, please review it carefully and let us know if you detect any errors.

Whenever there is a change in insurance and/or interest rates, we will send you a letter to advise of the new monthly repayment amount.

To ensure that you receive these and other correspondence, please keep us informed of any changes in your contact information (mailing address, telephone numbers, email address, etc.).