Online Credit Card Policy Statement

1.     Introduction

The National Housing Trust (NHT) in agreement with the National Commercial Bank (NCB) has implemented NHT Online, which will integrate with the NCB E-Commerce Gateway.  The Gateway will authorize customers’ credit cards payments made via:

The NHT shall operate this payment option under the stipulated principles and guidelines of:

  • National Housing Trust Act (2005)
  • Electronic Transactions Act (2007)
  • Access to Information Act
  • Any other relevant legislation

2.     Credit Card Payments

With effect from March 28, 2014, the Trust accepts the following Credit Cards for the online payment of mortgage and contributions:

1. MasterCard
2. Visa
3. NCB KeyCard

2.1.  Registration of mortgage loan account/contribution savings account
Each mortgagor/contributor shall create a user profile on NHT Online Webpage, in order to access the NHT Online.

Only registered account/credit card users shall be allowed to make payment using this payment facility. 

2.2.   Registration of Credit Cards

Each user shall register his/her credit card on the NHT Online Webpage by completing the form provided with the credit card information.  This serves to notify the card issuer that the credit card will be used to make payments via NHT Online.

Only credit cards that are registered can be used to make payments to loan and contributions accounts.

A user whose credit card has the established Three Dimensions (3D) Secure Credit Card Validation payment services must authenticate the credit card 3D Security by completing the form provided on the NHT Online Webpage.

2.3.   Use of Credit Card to make Mortgage Payments

a.  Registered users may make online payments in any amount to a loan account;
b.  All credit card transactions shall be processed in the Jamaican dollar (JA$) equivalent converted at the prevailing exchange rate of your bank.

2.4.   Use of Credit Card to Pay Contributions

a.  Registered users may make online payments in any amount to a contributions account for a Self-employed person;

b.  All credit card transactions shall be processed in the Jamaican dollar (JA$) equivalent converted at the prevailing exchange rate of your bank.

2.5.   General Information

a.  There is no minimum or maximum transactional limit;

b.  Payments made to mortgage/contributions accounts are not posted in real-time;.

c.  Payments are posted to accounts within 24hours of the time of the transactions; excluding public holidays and weekends which, will be posted by the next working day;

d.  Customers must allow for the stipulated transaction time to prevent any late fees that may be incurred on accounts as a result of late or no payment.

2.6.   View of Online Payment History

Registered users may view the history of all their online payments made via NHT Online.  Users will be able to view payments over a period of 12 months. However, the user must maintain a record of his/her electronic receipts.

2.7.   Treatment of Errors and Charges in Credit Card Payments

The Trust shall be guided by the relevant sections of the Electronic Transactions Act in the treatment of errors and charges that occur via NHT Online.

The NHT shall treat with the following errors and charges occasioned from the users’ misuse of their Credit Cards on the NHT’s Website:

a. Errors Relating to Wrong Account:Where the user selects and makes payment to the wrong account number, upon written notification the NHT shall investigate and where the error is validated, shall reverse the payment from the wrong account and post it to the correct account.

b. Transactional Charges: The Trust, being the merchant, shall stand all transactional costs incurred as a result of users making payments via NHT Online.

c. Other Charges: Requests by the customer for the NHT to negate any charges will be subjected to thorough investigation by the Trust’s legal and finance teams.

2.8.   Refund of Credit Card Payment made via NHT Online

a.  The Trust DOES NOT refund credit card payments made via NHT Online. Guided by the Electronic Transactions Act (2007), the Trust provides customers with an opportunity to:

i.            Register their credit card from which payment is being made;
ii.            Select an account number to which payment is being made;
iii.            Input the amount they wish to pay;
iv.            Review the information inputted and selected for accuracy and completeness;
v.            Correct any errors/edit the information;
vi.            Make the payment or cancel payment;
vii.            Access electronically and reproduce an accurate summary of the payment made, including the total payment, date etc.

b.  Exceptions: The Trust shall, at its discretion, make refunds to the customer, in the following instances:

i.            Where a proven system glitch occurred during the transaction, that may have resulted in an erroneous payment being made to an account;

ii.            An overpayment was made by the customer erroneously and the customer reported same by the working day following the date of payment; the customer must complete the overpayment form provided on the Trust’s website and submit to the NHT via email address: or otherwise contact the Customer Care Department at 1-888-CALL-NHT (1-888-2255-648) or visit the nearest Branch Office.

iii.    A response shall be provided to the customer within 2 business days of receipt of the request/query.

c.  The customer must inform the Trust of any claim/dispute within 24 hours or the next working day, and must provide sufficient evidence to substantiate any such claim.  Any information requested by the Trust must be provided by the customer for the claim to be processed.  Customers are NOT required to provide Credit Card numbers.