Land Proposal

We accept proposals made for the sale of lands to us for the construction of housing solutions.  Proposals that are submitted require:

  • A diagram of the land
  • An asking price
  • A copy of the Registered Title

A preliminary assessment of the information received will be made by the Project Land Officer to determine:

  • whether the land is within the medium to high demand areas as indicated by our latest Parish Preference Survey
  • the fair offer price
  • the land meets the minimum size requirement of 10 acres (except for land in high density areas)

Site visits will then be made to the proposed land that passes the preliminary assessment for further assessment against the following general guideline criteria:

  • Topography – less than 5% of the land should contain slopes exceeding 30 degrees
  • Soil Type - Heavy rock outcropping should not exceed 10% of land.
  • Adequacy of Existing Infrastructure – There should be economic accessibility of water supply, electricity, entry road, sewage disposal and drainage
  • Adequacy of Existing Social Infrastructure – These should be within 2 miles of the site
  • Government’s National Settlement Policy - Should be within a 2 miles radius of a major town or in keeping with GOJ’s settlement policy
  • NHT Parish Preference Survey – should be within the medium to high demand areas
  • Existing Land Use – The site should be free of squatters/build
  • Zoning for the Area – The site should be zoned for housing or easily re-zoned
  • Proximity to Government Lands - The availability of Government owned land in close proximity and adequate size would take precedence
  • Offer Price (to be Based on Valuations) – 2 valuations are required. The offer price will be derived based on a reversed selling price analysis