Special Assistance for Mortgagors

This form is to be used by NHT mortgagors who are experiencing financial hardships and require assistance from the Trust to maintain their accounts in good standing.
If your account is in arrears or will go into arrears soon, we strongly recommend that you complete and submit this form to us as soon as possible.
In processing your application, additional information and /or supporting documentation may be required to ensure that you receive the best relief option for your circumstance. Therefore, please review your answers to ensure that everything is correct and be available to provide further information to our Officers.
Importantly, incorrect or incomplete information may delay the processing of your request and any misrepresentation of information could result in denial of your application.

Checklist of Documents:


Based on your circumstance, additional documents may be required. These additional documents may include:

  • Valid Government issued Identification (e.g. passport, Driver's License or Voter Identification Card)
  • TRN (Not required if a valid Driver's License is being used)
  • Proof of temporary unemployment (letter from employer) - applicable to mortgagors who are laid off 
  • Termination Letter (applicable to individuals who have been terminated from their employment within the last twelve (12) months)
  • Medical Report Form (applicable to individuals seeking assistance due to illness)
  • Completed Credit Report Consent form (in duplicate)
  • Last two (2) Pay slips (Applicable to employed individuals)
  • Last three (3) months bank statements (applicable to self-employed individuals)
  • Power of Attorney (applicable to individuals acting as official representatives of mortgagor (s))
  • Completed Electronic Mail Initiative form (applicable to individuals who have not yet registered for electronic mail)
  • Any other document deemed necessary by the NHT