Loan Processing Documents

An important milestone of your loan application process is a loan interview, however, a loan interview will not be conducted unless all the required documents are presented.  The following documents are required for all loan interviews:

  • NIS card of the person(s) applying for the loan.
  • TRN card/ Letter from Tax Administration of Jamaica (TAJ)/ Driver's Licence (for all loan applicants and persons whose names appear or will appear on the title, including persons residing overseas).
  • If employed to a company: Verification of Gross Income and Contributions letter from past and present employers
  • Last two (2) months’ pay slips from present employer.
  • If self-employed/voluntary contributor: Visit or contact the Compliance Department to ensure your contributions are current.
  • Proof of age (Certified copy of New Birth Certificate).
  • Two (2) Acceptable means of Identification (one of which must be a government issued ID) (valid Driver’s License; Passport; National Voter’s Registration Card; or Identification issued by present employer, bearing photograph and identification number with a future expiry date).
  • One (1) current passport-sized photograph (if applying for an Open Market or a House Lot Loan) or Two (2) current passport-sized photographs (if applying for Construction Type Loans).
  • Certified Marriage Certificate (where applicable). Submit relevant documents in the case of divorce.
  • Copy of registered title.
  • Certificate of payment of taxes for the property 
  • Water Bill for the property being purchased.
  • Certificate of payment of peril insurance from Strata/Housing Cooperation (where applicable).
  • Surveyor’s ID Report (should not be more than one (1) year old and must be prepared by a Commissioned Land Surveyor and obtained by the purchaser/applicant).

Depending on the applicant and the loan being applied for other documents may be required.  Once all the documents have been acquired, the applicant should contact the NHT and schedule an appointment for a pre-qualification check to be done.

Customers may submit documents via email at, as an alternative to physically visiting our offices to submit documents for loan interviews.