Obtaining an Eligibility Letter

In keeping with plans to streamline the mortgage process, we have made improvements to how our customers access eligibility letters.

Eligibility letters outline what benefits an NHT contributor is qualified for and provides information such as loan amount, loan tenure and interest rates. The letters are used by prospective mortgagors to engage other mortgage institutions through which they can process their NHT loan, engage the services of realtors or are requested by contributors themselves to confirm their NHT loan amounts before going house hunting or conducting other housing related activities for which they can access an NHT loan.

Through an upgrade to the NHT Online platform, contributors are now able to request an eligibility letter and have it delivered via email. This new feature to NHT Online, will allow for:

  • faster processing times for these requests
  • convenience of not having to visit an NHT office
  • sharing an eligibility letter digitally with your mortgage institution, realtor etc.

To generate an NHT Eligibility Letter, customers should:

  1. Register for NHT Online or log into their profile at online.nht.gov.jm,
  2. Verify their contribution history, salary, and contact information in their profile,
  3. Request their eligibility letter.

Once a request for an eligibility letter to be generated is complete, it will be available for use in real-time. Customers can thereafter email the letter to their mortgage partner or themselves.

If there are discrepancies with information in their NHT Online profile, applicants may use the query option in the portal to request a review of the information.

Please note that the eligibility letter module is only available via our website currently.

We are making upgrades to the NHT Mobile app and when completed, customers will be able to request eligibility letters via that channel.

Self-Employed/Voluntary Contributors

Self-employed contributors should request their eligibility letters at the nearest NHT branch.


Contributors who are co-applying for an NHT benefit, should request their joint eligibility letter, at the nearest NHT branch.


Please note that an eligibility letter is not required for NHT scheme offerings.