Guaranteed Purchase Programme (GPP)

The National Housing Trust, under its Guaranteed Purchase Programme, welcomes applications from public and private sector real estate developers to deliver affordable housing solutions for its contributors in its lowest income groups. The Guaranteed Purchase Programme (GPP) is a partnership initiative between the National Housing Trust (NHT) and developers, through which the NHT agrees to purchase for its contributors all or portions of units in housing developments done by private or public real estate developers.

In this arrangement, the developer accepts all the risks associated with the planning, designing, financing and completing the housing solutions, while the NHT undertakes the marketing risk in respect of the agreed number of solutions.


  1. To facilitate the assessment of each proposal, the following minimum information must be included:
  • Project Name, Scope, Duration, Phasing and Delivery Schedule
  • Status of Development (Designs, Approvals and/or Construction)
  • Copy of Registered Certificate of Title for the project lands
  • Building Designs:
  1. Floor Plans — indicating room sizes, fixtures & finishes.
  2. Elevations
  3. Expansion Plans
  • Proposed Selling Prices to NHT:
  1. For each delivery, if done in phases
  2. Conditions of price adjustment (if any) and basis of same
  • Particulars of Developers including:
  1. Address of Developer
  2. Directors & Key Shareholders
  3. Certificate of Incorporation of Company
  4. Registration with the Real Estate Board
  5. Current Tax Compliance Certificate
  1. The proposal will be evaluated based on:
    • Project location, Selling Prices, along with Building Specifications - sizes, standards and finishes

ELIGIBILITY FOR ACCEPTANCE (Proposal subject to further review)

  1. The unit types and maximum purchase prices for eligibility under the GPP are as follows:

Unit Type

Unit Price

Serviced Lots






Two- bedrooms duplex


Two- bedrooms detached




The developer shall be responsible for:

  • Submitting the proposal in keeping with the NHT's requirements. This to include at least one (1) valuation, from a Chartered Valuation Surveyor, for each type of unit, which is required prior to the issuance of final approval; 
  • Sourcing the financing required for the planning, design, and construction of the development; 
  • Designing of the infrastructure and housing units; 
  • Obtaining the approvals for the designs and construction from all the relevant authorities and other approval agencies; 
  • Construction of the development (Units & all supporting infrastructure) in its entirety as per the approved designs and requirements of approval agencies, other applicable standards and regulations;
  • Provision of titles and Surveyor's ID Reports to the NHT and ensuring that titles are prepared and made available to the NHT within the period specified in the GPP Agreement; 
  • Handover of the infrastructure to the relevant authorities; 
  • Making good of all defects that manifest within the Defects Liability Period and construction defects, per the agreement with the NHT.


  • The NHT will not offer a deposit payment
  • The NHT will pay over to the developer, a maximum of 97.5% of the agreed purchase price for each unit on the issuance of a Takeover Certificate and in accordance with contracted timelines;
  • The NHT will pay the amount retained (minimum 2.5%) on the expiration of the Defects   Liability Period, and subject to all defects being satisfactorily addressed;
  • The NHT will accommodate a maximum profit margin of 10%;
  • The developer will be responsible for correcting all construction related defects that manifest up to two (2) years after the expiration of the Defects Liability Period;
  • The purchase price of each unit to NHT must not exceed 95% of the estimated market value of said unit.

Check List

The Project Proposal will not be considered complete until all relevant items on the checklist are submitted.


Documents/Information for submission of Project Proposal




Developer’s Eligibility

  • Certificate of Incorporation




  • Articles of Association




  • Valid Tax Compliance Certificate




  • Track record in housing development




  • Names of the Directors for the company




  • Developer team of consultants (engineers, land surveyor, quantity surveyor, etc.)




  • Name of legal firm that represents the company




Jamaica Developer’s Association


  • Evidence of membership




Project Information


Development Data




  • Name, location, number of units, type of units, zoning of site, utilities, social amenities etc.




  • Description of development- size of lots, size of units, detailed designs for units, construction materials and finishes




  • Project Implementation Plan- projected start and completed date





Development Budget




  • Proposed selling price for the units




Project Land Documentation




  • Proof of ownership- copy of certificate title (if the name of the developer is not on the Registered Certificate of Title, then documents evidencing the approval of the use of the title is required)




  • Location plan

Sub-division Plan detailed infrastructure designs (Approved by the Municipal Corporation and the related conditions of approval)




  • All conditions of approval to include NWC,JPS,NEPA, and the Municipal Coorperation