Frequently Asked Questions

If I have a co-applicant, whose points will be used for selection?

Only the points of the primary applicant will be used for selection. So, ensure that the person with the highest points is the primary applicant.

How will I know if my application is successful?

Watch our website and the print media to see if your name was published.

What am I required to take to my interview?

Once you are selected, you will be contacted by the NHT by mail  and advised of the required documents you will need to submit, including:

  • NIS and TRN cards
  • If employed to a company:  Verification of Gross Income and Contributions letter from past and present employers
  • Proof of Age and  Identification. 

What is PIE?

The Priority Index Entitlement (PIE) System is the selection system used by the NHT to  award scheme loans to eligible contributors. Under PIE selection the criteria are:

  • Parish of residence or Parish of employment— Applicants must live and/or work in the parish where the development is located.
  • Number of points—Points are derived from weekly contributions and current income.

Will I be required to pay a deposit?

Only in instances where the price of the unit is greater than the loan amount granted  by the NHT.

How many persons can co-apply for a loan?

Any two (2) contributors may co-apply for a loan however three (3) family members with established kinship ties may also co-apply and access a loan to buy or build a house where the unit is at least two (2) bedrooms.

What is Parent Assist 1?

A parent, up to age 70, may assign his/her points to one (1) biological or legally adopted child. The parent’s points would replace the points accumulated by the child to increase the likelihood of the child  being selected for an NHT scheme solution.

The child must have never received an NHT housing benefit and the parent(s) must have:

  • Never received an NHT Non-homeowners or Homeowners loan
  • Contributed for over ten (10) years, and
  • Not received their total refunds

What is Deferred Mortgage?

This facility is available to a contributor, whose income cannot afford the full purchase price of a scheme unit. Under this arrangement, the NHT will defer payment of up to 40% of the cost of the unit.

What is Short-term Lease?

The NHT may offer a successful applicant, with or without a co-applicant, a short-term Lease, not exceeding three (3) years. The Lessee has the option to purchase the Unit at its original selling price, at anytime during the Lease period.

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