ICHP Technical Development

The technical aspect of the project includes the design, planning, approval and construction of all physical aspects.  Several considerations were taken into account in the design of ICHP sites, including the inclusion of open and green spaces, play areas, communal recreational facilities and multifunctional buildings (homework centre, day-care centre, training and recreation etc.).

The following communities are targeted under the ICHP:

  • Denham Town
  • Lower Denham Town
  • Tivoli Gardens (Mid Town)
  • Trench Town
  • 88 – 100 Spanish Town Road
  • Hannah Town
  • Parade Gardens
  • Matthews Lane
  • Online Fisher
  • Majestic Gardens
  • White Wing
  • Maxfield Park
  • Swallowfield
  • Monaltrie (New Kingston)
  • Frontier, St. Mary
  • ‘Russia’, Westmoreland
  • Tawes Pen, St. Catherine

The contract to erect the housing units was awarded to ASHTROM Building Systems Ltd. nfrastructure works are assigned to other Contractor on a per site basis for the project.

The Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) will be involved in all projects as clerk of works and all lands to be used for the project will be declared under the Housing Act.

Some refurbishment was aimed primarily at degraded multi-family government-built housing schemes. The work includes the painting and fixing of external walls, repairs to louver windows and roofing and allow for the direct participation of the community.