What are the requirements?

To become an Overseas Voluntary Contributor (you must be a permanent resident or a citizen of that country), you must first register with the NHT.  To register, you must complete the “Voluntary Contributor’s Application Form” (correction fluid should NOT be used on the Form). Please note that, holders of work permit are not considered overseas voluntary contributors and should file their returns (SO4 & SO4A) at Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ).

You will need to ensure that you register with the Tax Registration Centre to obtain a TRN, because this will be needed for the registration process.  Once you have completed the application form you should come in for an interview (if you are unable to attend an interview then you will need to submit a letter of authorization for your representative/agent to act on your behalf, such letter should be signed, stamped and dated by a Notary Public or Justice of the Peace (J.P.).

 The following documents are required in order to conduct your interview: -

  • Tax Registration Number (TRN) Card
  • National Insurance (NIS) Card
  • Valid (not expired) Photo Identification (such as National Identification, Driver's License or Passport)
  • Initial Monthly Payment- (3% of proposed monthly income stated on application form)
  • Proof of Overseas Residence- (Permanent Resident Card, Indefinite Card, Passport for Country of Residence)
  • Proof of Age- (Birth Certificate, Passport or Driver’s Licence)
  • Photocopies of any of these documents will need to be signed, stamped and dated by a Notary public (for overseas residents) or a Justice of the Peace (for local residents).

If you are acting on the behalf of someone as a representative, you will also need to present a letter of authorization, signed, stamped and dated by a Notary Public or Justice of the Peace (J.P.).

If you have never contributed to the NHT, your waiting time to access a benefit upon registering with the NHT is 2 years. However, please note that your monthly contributions must be made on time for the 12 months immediately preceding  the date of your loan application. That is, your payments must be made before the 14th of the following month. 

If you are a previous contributor and you desire to resume making your contributions to the Trust the waiting time is 1 year i.e. you must pay your monthly contributions on time for the 12 months immediately preceding your loan application. That is, your payments must be made before the 14th of the following month. It is not a requirement for you to pay up the first year in a lump sum payment but you can if you desire to do so. However you must wait the 2 years before making your application for a housing benefit if you are not a previous contributor to the Trust.