Making payments

Payments can be made in any one of several convenient ways:

  • Salary deduction - this is mandatory for employed mortgagors.

Otherwise, you may choose any of the other options below:

  • Online payments via NHT’s website or Mobile App (via credit card)
  • Any NHT Branch Offices (via cash payments, cheque, credit or debit card) and Service Centres (via cheque, credit or debit card; cash payments are not accepted at our Service Centres)
  • Standing Order (at your bank or credit union)
  • Telephone Banking services (using N.C.B Telemidas or B.N.S. Telescotia)
  • Online or in branch at:
    • Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS)
    • Sagicor
    • JN Bank Limited (JNBS)
    • National Commercial Bank (N.C.B.)
    • First Caribbean International Bank (F.C.I.B.)
    • Bill Express (Jamaica, USA, UK, and Canada)