Need a loan?

Whether you are looking for a loan to build, buy, repair or improve your home or to buy land, we have a loan product to cater to your need.  NHT loans are categorised as either a Homeowners’ Loan or a Non-Homeowners’ Loan. Each offers different benefits to our contributors.

If you do not own a house and you have never received a loan from the NHT, you can apply for a Non-Homeowners’ Loan as an individual or you may even join with a qualified co-applicant to borrow more. Up to three family members with established kinship ties may also join to access an NHT loan. Your Non-Homeowners loan may be used to:

  1. buy land.
  2. buy a house.
  3. build on land you already own.

If you  own a house but have never received a loan from the NHT, you can apply for a Homeowners’ Loan.  Your Homeowner’s Loan can be used to:

  1. assist in acquiring a Scheme benefit, however, the homeowner cannot be the primary applicant.
  2. assist with the purchase of another property.
  3. purchase and install solar panels.
  4. repair/improve your house.

Looking to start your homeownership goal?  We have a summary of the steps to getting your loan.

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