NHT Engages External Debt Collection Services

As of June 1, 2015 NHT will be utilising the services of external debt collectors as part of our effort to make our debt management operations more efficient. The agencies will assist us in servicing selected delinquent loans with arrears in excess of 60 days, for which a current payment or forbearance plan is not in place. 

Our servicing officers have been in dialogue with customers who will be affected, via letters, telephone calls and/or field visits. We will therefore consider payment history, and responsiveness to communication from our servicing officers, when determining which accounts will be referred to the external debt collectors.

This debt collection initiative complements the methods the NHT now uses to ensure all its accounts are up to date.  These include:


  •  encouragement of  all our customers to pay their mortgage on time and in full by the 1st of every month to avoid penalties associated with late or non-payment.
  •  arrangements for those who are genuinely experiencing difficulties honouring their loan obligations.  


Customers whose accounts are being serviced by external debt collectors should continue make their payments through the NHT’s established payment agencies e.g. branch offices, banks, Bill Express, NHT online, etc.  No cash payments should be made to the collectors. 

More information on payment options are also available.

Upon settlement of the arrears, the customers’ account will be returned to the NHT for regular servicing. 

The agencies are:

International Credit Management Solutions Limited
72 Hope Road, Kingston 6, St. Andrew

      (876) 665-4267, 
      (876) 946-0083,
      (876) 978-2266

Cel: (876) 452-3474
Fax: (876) 927-5278
Email: info@icmsjamaica.com
Website: www.icmsjamaica.com

Warmsville Investigation, Security & Enquiry (WISE) Consultancy Co. Ltd.
5 Church Street
St. Ann’s Bay
St. Ann, Jamaica

Tel: (876) 972-0834
Cel: (876) 430-0673
Fax: (876) 972-0916
Email: wise@warmsvillepi.com
Website: www.warmsvillepi.com

56 Montgomery Avenue
Kingston 10.  Jamaica W.I
Direct line: (876)754-2471
Cell Phone: (876)997-2084
Main Lines: (876) 908-2077, 908-4823
Digicel Line: (876) 619-1197
Fax: (876) 908-3774
Email: kwilson@jamaicacollections.com




Q.1 Why is NHT outsourcing accounts to External Debt Collectors?

Ans. The NHT is seeking to utilize the services of external debt collectors to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its debt management operations.  


Q.2 What is meant by “an account has been outsourced to an external debt collector”?

Ans. When an account has been outsourced to an external debt collector, it has been assigned to a collections agency contracted by the NHT to collect past due amounts on its behalf. 


Q.3 What makes an account eligible for outsourcing?

Ans. An account is eligible for outsourcing if the borrower has missed two (2) or more monthly payments and:

• No formal payment arrangement in place to clear arrears.

• No loan modification e.g. moratorium is being considered

• More rigorous and investigative collections services are required

Q.4 How will a mortgagor know if his/her account has been outsourced?

Ans. If the mortgagor did not satisfactorily respond to the Trust’s pre-outsourcing letter before the 30 days expiry period, then they should expect their account to be outsourced. A satisfactory response could be settled arrears or established and is faithfully complying with formal payment arrangement to settle arrears. The NHT will also advise the affected mortgagors, in writing, that their account has been outsourced.  The letter will indicate the External Debt Collector, the arrears amount at outsourcing and the expected monthly amount that will be added to the arrears amount if no payment is made.


Q.5 How will the external debt collectors operate?

Ans. The collectors will make contact with mortgagors/approved representatives and make arrangements with them to settle the outstanding amounts. Contact may be made with the mortgagor via telephone, email, field visits to the mortgagor’s location(s).


Q.6 Where should the mortgagors make payments while their loan is being serviced by the external debt collector?

Ans. Payments should continue to be made at any NHT location or NHT approved payment agency. The collector may accept cheques only; cheques are to be made payable to the NHT.


Q.7 Can payment arrangements still be made with an NHT officer for an account that has been outsourced?

Ans. No. Once an account has been outsourced, all payment arrangements are to be made with the external debt collector.


Q.8 Are there any costs associated with the outsourcing of an account?

Ans. Yes. The mortgagor has to pay the collectors fee charged


Q.9 How much more is the mortgagor expected to pay?

Ans. This varies depending on the type of loan and the security held and ranges from 18.5% - 35% of the arrears collected.


Q.10 Who will bear the costs associated with the outsourcing of an account?

Ans. All associated costs will be borne by the defaulter.


Q.11 Will late fee still be charged to an account that has been outsourced?

Ans. Yes. Late fee will be charged during the period an account is being serviced by an external debt collector.


Q.12 What am I required to pay if my account has been outsourced?

Ans. In addition to the amount outstanding at the time the account is assigned to a collector, you will be required to pay any mortgage payments which become due while the account is outsourced as well as the commission.


Q.13 When will an outsourced account be returned to the NHT?

Ans. An account will be returned to the NHT for servicing when it is current, i.e. the arrears, commission and current month’s mortgage have been paid.


Q.14 Can an account be outsourced more than once?

Ans. An account may be outsourced as long as it satisfies the eligibility criteria as outlined in question 3.


Q.15 When an account is outsourced, does it mean that the co-applicant’s account will also be outsourced?

Ans. The co-applicant’s account will only be outsourced if it meets the eligibility criteria.


Q.16 How can I be sure that the collector is not an imposter, claiming to be contracted to the NHT?

Ans. The NHT will inform the affected mortgagors of the name of the collection agency to which the account was assigned. Agents are to produce proper identification to the mortgagor on contact.   


Q.17 What happens if I am unable to make payments even after my account has been outsourced?

Ans. If it is established that a mortgagor is unable to settle arrears within the specified period, the account will be returned to the NHT for further recovery measures to be undertaken. Such recovery measures may include the referral of the mortgaged property for sale via public auction.