Applying for an NHT Scheme House Loan

Once NHT scheme houses are ready for sale, we advise members of the public through the Print and Electronic Media and a Fact Sheet with all the necessary information is made available. The information includes:

  • Details about the scheme solutions (units or lots), including the location and sale price
  • NHT loan information for applicants
  • The closing costs
  • Who may apply for the units or lots
  • When to apply
  • How the selection is done under the PIE system

Persons applying for a scheme solutions benefits are selected for an interview based on a combination of different factors including:

  • The proximity of the scheme in which the solution  is located to the applicant’s workplace or residence
  • The number of weekly contributions made to the Trust by the applicant(s)
  • A system that awards points based on the number of years the applicant has contributed to the Trust and also based on his/her income

Applicants are awarded 20 points for every 52 weeks (1 year) of contributions.  If you were, for example, contributing for 10 years (the same as 520 weeks) then you would earn (20 points x 10 years = ) 200 points.

Applicants are also awarded points based on the income band/group in which he/she falls as outlined in the following table:

Minimum wage - $30,000.99 110
$30,001 - $42,000.99 90
$42,001 - $100,000.99 80
$100,001 and over 70

Persons who earn less income earn more points in the selection system.

Applicants would apply online by the announced deadline date for submission.

Successful applicants are notified by letters as well as media publication.