The NHT Giving More to Persons with Disabilities

Home should be comfortable; regardless of who you are or where you reside. With that in mind, the NHT has implemented the Special Grant for Persons with Disabilities to do just that; to make home comfortable.

The Special Grant for Persons with Disabilities, was recently doubled to $300,000. This grant assists any contributing NHT mortgagor with a disability or who cares for a relative with a disability, residing in the same household to retrofit or upgrade the mortgaged property to meet the needs of the person(s) with the disability. In addition, up to a maximum of two NHT mortgagors with disabilities residing in the same household, may access this particular benefit.

In order to access the grant, ensure that your contributions and mortgage payments are current and the individual with the disability is registered with the Jamaica Council for Persons with Disabilities (JCPD).

Fill out the Disability Grant Form.

We are making homeownership not just possible, but also comfortable. If you’re a mortgagor with a disability or you care for someone with a disability apply today! Contact your nearest NHT Branch Office to apply.

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