Homeownership! More achievable with 3!

The housing market is dynamic and has changed significantly in the last several years. The NHT has been responding. Not only have we ramped up our housing delivery programme, with a significant number of housing projects under construction, but we have been refining our mortgage financing options to empower our contributors to better navigate this fast changing mortgage market.

As we continue to monitor these dynamics and respond, we’ve recognised the need to expand the purchasing power of our contributors with a key policy adjustment. Effective July, 2022 up to three contributors with kinship ties, may co-apply for an open market loan to build, buy or improve at lease a two-bedroom house.

What do we mean by kinship ties?

Kinship ties refer to those family members with an established * relationship by blood or law. These include spouses (married and common law), siblings, parents, grandparents, children (biological or legally adopted) /stepchildren and /grandchildren.

How will this work?

Each relative will be able to apply for their individual loan benefit. However, up to three can combine their individual loan benefits. Here is an example:


  • Mary is eligible to borrow $2.5 million
  • John is eligible to borrow $5.2 million
  • Sandra is eligible to borrow $4 million
  • The combined total loan will therefore be $11.5 million.

The interest rate will be calculated based on each person’s income and age while the loan term will be guided by the age of the youngest applicant and whether the loan will be used build, buy or improve. That means, a longer repayment period which translates into smaller more manageable monthly payments.

Homeownership is one of the most important investments anyone can make, so why not do it with those who matter most.

NHT the key to partnerships, opportunity and as always…the key to your home.  

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