Cybersecurity Awareness - Stay Alert!


Have you received a call, email or message from the NHT and you’re in doubt as to whether it is actually from us?

Here are a few things to help you decide:

• If the message is poorly formatted, has spelling or grammatical errors, then pull the brakes on responding.

• If the address from which you’ve received an email looks suspicious (such as, it probably is.

• The NHT will never request personal information or data from you such as passwords, via email or text message.

• Always look out for hyperlinks which require you to click ‘now’ or lead to unfamiliar webpages.

• Also, if your greeting is a little too generic, such as ‘sir/madam’ then, it’s most likely a phishing message.


If at all you are in doubt, trust your intuition. Give us a call before you make any moves.

Contact NHT at (876) 929-6500 or 888-CALL-NHT (882-225-5648)

You can also email us at