NHT Contributions Refund: Online Safety Tips

It's now peak season for NHT Contributions Refund so it's time to remind you to apply and receive your NHT Contributions Refund safely. Below are a few tips to help you apply the right way through NHT's platforms:


Safety Tips

  1. Only apply through NHT approved channels
  2. Never give out/confirm personal details via email
  3. Contact us if you are suspicious of any communication that claims to have come from us

Applying for your NHT refund is easy! Use the following tips to ensure that your NHT Refund application process is completed smoothly: 

  1. Ensure your name is correctly spelled and that the spelling is the same on the account you are sending the funds to: eg: Name is spelt the same way it is at NHT, on your application, and at the bank
  2. Ensure you select the right account type
  3. Keep your reference number close so you can track your application


Where To Apply for NHT Refund

You may apply for your NHT Refund using the following channels ONLY:

  1. NHT Mobile App
  2. NHT Online (Website/Dashboard)
  3. Contributions Refund Page (Legacy)


Once you have submitted your refund application, you will be notified when the disbursement has been made to the provided financial institution. Remember, when in doubt, reach out to us to verify any communication you believe may have come from us.

For more guidance on applying for your NHT refund online safely, watch Kitchen Conversations with the NHT where we have a chat with Emily Shields from The Hotline on RJR94 FM while baking sweet treats for the Christmas season.

And read our press release on Applying Safely for NHT Contributions Refunds