Current Loan Limits (Updated July 2024)

Loan Type

One Applicant

With co-applicant (s)

Scheme Unit

100% Financing

100% Financing

Serviced Lot

100% Financing

100% Financing

Open Market House*

$7.5 Million*

$8.5 Million (where the unit costs $12 million or less)

$15 Million*

$21 Million (three family members purchasing at least a two-bedroom unit)

House Lot*

(Open Market)

$3.5 Million*

$7 Million*

Construction Loan**

1) Open Market lots/Serviced Lots purchased before April 2019: You can access a loan for the difference between the cost of the lot and the loan limit ($6.5 million), subject to affordability.**


2) Serviced Lots purchased after April 2019: You can access a loan for the difference between the cost of the lot and the highest cost of a two (2) bedroom unit in the same scheme, subject to affordability. **

1) Same applies per applicant.**

2) Same applies per applicant.**

Build On Own Land Loan

$7.5 Million

$15 Million

$21 Million (three family members building at least a two-bedroom unit)

Home Improvement***

$3.5 Million***

$7 Million***

Ten Plus (10+)****

$3.5 Million****

$7 Million****

Solar Water Heater



Build 9*****


$7.5 Million Per Person*****


All loans are subject to affordability.

* Up to 95% financing

** The Construction Loan is the difference between the individual’s loan limit and the amount accessed to purchase a house lot.

*** The Home Improvement Loan is available to homeowners who have never received an NHT benefit. It may be used to repair, enhance or expand the homeowner’s house or another house for which he/she has legal permission to do so.

**** Ten Plus (10+) Loans can be used to repair, improve or expand the NHT mortgaged property. They are available to mortgagors who purchased their houses at least 10 years ago.

You may also:

  • Purchase Solar Panels
  • Purchase Storm Shutters

***** The Build 9 Loan is available to groups of 3 to 18 persons who have identified a parcel of land with a registered title for purchase. The NHT will grant a loan up to $3.5 million to each applicant to buy the land, subdivide it and install infrastructure. After the subdivision of the lot, each individual may access the balance available to construct his or her house.