Ten Plus (10+) Loan

If you had received an NHT Loan at least 10 years ago and now wish to repair the property that you bought at the time (or some other house that you now own and occupy) or if you no longer own a house and are seeking a second opportunity at home ownership, this loan product may be able to help.

Where the loan is being used to repair/improve a residential property, the funds

  • may be used to complete "work" on the house/unit (for example tiling, installing cupboards, etc.)
  • may be used for fencing/roofing
  • may not be used for enhancements to external features of the property, such as landscaping, etc.

Where the loan is being used to purchase or construct a residential property

  • the funds may not be used to acquire an NHT Scheme benefit (House or Serviced Lot)
  • the applicant must demonstrate that he/she is not the owner of residential property
  • the applicant must not have lost the previous property owned due to default on his/her NHT mortgage

Through the Ten Plus (10+) Loan you can borrow as a single applicant or you may co-apply with one other qualified NHT contributor to access a higher loan limit.  If you need (and can afford) to borrow more money you may seek additional funds from another lending institution under our External Financing Mortgage Programme (EFMP).

For purchasing a homeClick here to find out how to apply for your Ten Plus (10+) Loan.

For repairing/improving propertyClick here to find out how to apply for your Ten Plus (10+) Loan.

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